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  • Buy GSM Version For Sale Latest Mini Broad Spectrum Cell Phone Jammer UK 3G DCS European Jammer ftntYwvP 20% discount

Product Description:

GSM Jammer For Sale - Latest Mini Broad Spectrum Cell Phone Jammer UK GSM 3G DCS (European Version), this is our latest portable mini cell phone jamming device kit ! An awesome mini wireless cellphone jammer -- that deceptively comes in the shape of a cellphone! Not only is it effective at shutting down GSM and 3G cellphone signals - it even eliminates older DCS mobile phones for silence all around, all the time!

How does it work?
The latest Mini Broad Spectrum Cell Phone Jammer transmits low power radio signals to cut off communications between cell towers and any cell phones in the proximity. It does not interfere with anything other than mobile phones within a 10 meter working radius! And its a total spy gadget because it doesn't look like a cellphone jammer - it looks like an ordinary cellphone.

What types of cellphones will it disrupt?
GSM Jammer For Sale - Latest Mini Broad Spectrum Cell Phone Jammer UK GSM 3G DCS (European Version) has been specifically tuned to disrupt these cell phone frequency ranges:
GSM: 925-960 MHZ
DCS: 1805-1900 MHZ
3G: 2110-2170 MHZ

A Cellphone That Silences Other Cellphones
This is the best example of irony we've seen in a long time - a jammer that looks like a cellphone that jams other cellphones!!! GSM Jammer For Sale - Latest Mini Broad Spectrum Cell Phone Jammer UK GSM 3G DCS (European Version), all nearby mobile phones will lose their network signal allowing you to:

    Watch the movie in peace
    Enjoy your dinner in a restaurant
    Conduct efficient meetings
    Deliver effective presentations
    Attend Worship/Mass without interruptions
    Concentrate on the lecture being delivered
    Spend some quiet time in a museum or art gallery
    Read quietly in a public library
    Stop your students from cheating via SMS texting
    And the instant you turn this jammer off, all cellphones will automatically re-establish communications and provide full service. Brought to you by the China wholesale dropship electronics leaders - jammerall

At a Glance...

    GSM, 3G, DCS, cellphone disruption
    No setup necessary; turn on and it immediately begins to jam localized signals.
    Instant 10 meter disruption radius
    Internal Lithium Ion battery
    Effectively shuts up loud cellphone users in public places

Specifications :

    Primary Function: GSM Jammer For Sale - Latest Mini Broad Spectrum Cell Phone Jammer UK GSM 3G DCS (European Version)
    Affected Frequency Ranges (Mhz):
    GSM: 925-960
    DCS: 1805-1900
    3G: 2110-2170
    Affected Cellphone Standards: GSM, 3G, DCS
    Radius: 0.5- 10 meters (depends on the strength of your local place signal and no much interference)
    Total output power: 0.5Watts
    Onboard Controls: ON/OFF
    Power Source : Wall plug, Car adapter, or Built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion (LI-ION) battery
    -Type: LI-ION
    -Capacity: 1200mAh
    -Charging Indicators: YES (Red: Charging, Green: Full Charged)
    -Usage: 2-3 hours continuously
    Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS,etc
    Color: Black
    Dimensions: 97 x 47 x 18 mm (L x W x D)

Accessories :

    GSM Jammer For Sale - Latest Mini Broad Spectrum Cell Phone Jammer UK GSM 3G DCS (European Version) x 1pcs
    User manual - English x 1pcs
    AC Charger x 1pcs
    Car Charger x 1pcs
    Battery x 1pcs


Note: The jamming distance we mentioned on website are for customer's reference only. The actual jamming distance will be varied depending on the signal strength and the use location and if full charges, etc. We will adjust the CDMA / GSM/ DCS/ PCS for you base on your country signal frequency.

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