Product Description:

As you can see, the mini type jammer is so small that it is very easy for you to carry wherever you go because you can take it in your pocket like just keeping a telephone.With built-in battery this jammer can work for two hours each charge.Besides,we offer you the AC power adapter and car charge for your convenience. The whole production process strictly follow the ISO900 quality system, and through CE certification, stable and reliable.It is the ideal product to enhance information security.


1.Small size, easy to carry, easy to operate

2.With AC power adapter and car charger

3. Each charge can work for two hours


Frequencies Supported: WIFI GPS  GSM 3G ( depending on what you choose in the configuration )

Jamming Range: 2-10 meters ( Depending on operator signal field strength)

Battery Working Time: 2 hours maximum

Power Supply: AC power adapter or car charger

Adapters Details: AC 110~240V

Built in battery:DC 4.2V

Battery Capacity:1200mAh

Dimensions Of Device: 95x48x17mm

Weight Of Product: 290g

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In addition,the introduction of advanced technology and innovation.

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