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    • Technologies UAV Drone Jammer TSJ-UAV6067 __ldwsofkrYmwvvals 50% discount

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Product Description

TSJ-UAV6067 Prevents Aerial Intrusions


Prevent drone and UAV use in restricted areas or during events by deploying the TSJ-UAV6067.

The TSJ-UAV6067 is a durable drone jammer built into a protective Pelican case. And with a total output power of 260W, coverage area is approximately 800-3000 meters.

Custom tuning is available upon request, however our most popular two configurations are as follows:


Option A

433MHz 50W
868-912MHz 100 W
2400-2500MHz 30W
WiFi 11.b,g & Bluetooth 2400-2500MHz 30W
GPS L2 1227MHz 30W
GPS L1 1575MHz 40W
WiFi 11.a 5.8GHz 10W

Option B

5.0-5.5GHz 10W
5.5-6.0GHz 10W
Civil Remote Control Toys:
200-300MHz 60W
300-400MHz 60W
VHF 130-180MHz 50W
UHF 420-480MHz 50W
GPS L3 L4 L5 30W

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  • Wireless Signal Jammer Protect your privacy Any trace of the GPS satellite signal effectively, protect your privacy and confidential information, to prevent being followed by the GPS satellite positioning .
  • wireless signal blocker Avoid fire explosion in gas stations Mobile phone will appear in the process of call spark, easy to cause fire, gas explosion, use jammers can effectively avoid this problem.
  • Good Quality Walkie Talkie Signal Jammer Jammers can guarantee fair exam In order to reflect the fair of the examination, the examination room on the use of cell phone signal jammers. Phone can't establish connection with the base station, achieve the goal of shielding cell phone signal.
  • portable jammer device Used for church Church is a place where a solemn and quiet, and supplication is devotion to god. Then the environment requires jammers.
  • How to Block 3G Signals Prevent prisoners escaped from prison The prisoner is a group that is harmful to the society, prison break events are occurring, jammers cut off all contact with the outside world, they prevent the escape!