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Product Description
    Jammer of UHF&VHF (Extreme Cool Edition) is designed to block UHF and VHF frequency from receiving or sending signals and thus disable walkie talkie gadget, radio, audio bugs etc. It is highly applicable for anyone to protect themselves from being tracking or eavesdropping etc. The jammer here available is the newly develop 30m blocking radius UHF, VHF & walkie talkie Jammer extreme cool edition designed to work for frequency 144-160MHZ, 161-174MHZ, 420-450MHZ, 450-480MHZ , professional mixed jamming solution for all standard UHF/VHF bands .
   The ultra high frequency and very high frequency blocker is a combination of practical function and ease of use design. The jammer use automatic power switching power supply from AC 100 ~ 240V transmitting to DC 24V. So the jammer can be used on 24V car power without a power inverter. With 20W power output , the jammer can work for a range up to 30m , depending on the signal strength given. Simply turn on the jammer, it will work to block any transmission of VHF and UHF within the range.
   The jammer is easy to install with 4 external high gain antennas for even better efficiency. Light weight desktop design makes it an easy accessible gadget for using in various application occasion. Check out more details as following.
TX frequency: 144 ~ 160 MHz
TX frequency: 161 ~ 174 MHz
TX frequency: 420 ~ 450 MHz
TX frequency: 451 ~ 480 MHz
Jamming range: Radius up to 30m
Total output power: 20 W
RF output power each band: 5 W
Cover interface standards: VHF 144 ~ 174 MHz, UHF 420 ~ 480 MHz
Automatic power switching power supply: 50/60Hz/AC 100 ~ 240V transmitting to DC 24V
Dimension: 238 ? 186 ? 53 mm
Weight: 1.6 Kg
Operating temperature: -10°C ~ +60°C
Humidity: 5% ~ 80%
Safety Regulation: AC Adapter UL (E190582), CSA (LR112971 Level 3)
Power adaptor
User manual

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