Product Description:

The high power signal jammer with 6 antennas has a jamming radius up to 120 meters.With high heat dissipation it can work for a long time which make it a perfect tool to be used in court,church,examination room,some factories and so on.The jammer supports GSM,3G 4GLTE,GPS,WIFI,UHF,VHF and LoJack signals.You can send your requirements to us.And we will meet your needs.



Wide jamming radius

Support wide frequencies

Can work for a long time with high heat dissipation



Frequencies Supported:GSM,PCS,UMTS(3G),4GLTE,GPS,WIFI,UHF,VHF and LoJack.

Jamming Radius: 30-120 meters (depending on the signal strength in the given area)

Total Output:88W Maximum

Weight :10kg

Dimension:450 x 190 x 60mm


Package Contents:

* Desktop High Power Signal Jammer

* AC power adapter

* Antennas


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